Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order as long as you have contacted us within 24 hours after making your order by emailing us at info@crabhut.ca. We will cancel the order immediately upon receiving the email and will refund the full amount. If the order has been made more than 24 hours, order cannot be cancel or refund. 

Can I return or exchange? 

We are unable to accept return or exchange on shipped good. If the product is defective, please contact us immediately. 

How does delivery work if I live in house, townhouse or apartment? 

To ensure the quality of the product, each order will be stored in thermal bag during delivery. You will receive a confirmation email on the day of delivery. Please kindly ensure that there is someone available to receive the order during the day of delivery. 

  • For house and townhouse: Thermal bag will be leave at your front door and will send a picture to show that this has been done. 

  • For apartment: Please provide your buzzer # in the order form. If the buzzer is unanswered during delivery, the delivery person will attempt to call the phone number in the order. If phone call attempt remains unanswered, the delivery person will send back to order to our store until further instructed. 

What time can I come pick up the order?

For customer who chose to pick up, an email confirmation will be sent to confirm date, time and address for pick up. 

How long can the food be preserved for? 

Please see the manufacturing date on the package. Our factory have done tests to make sure that the shelve life is 24 months, and needs to be stored in temperature at -18C. We recommend consuming the package once it is opened. 

What is the date on the package mean?

The date on the package is the manufacture date. The product can be stored up to 24 months.